Spotted in the USA is this resourceful contractor who needs to access the roof of the swimming pool with his trailer mounted MEWP. The trailer MEWP is set up with its tyres just resting on the very edge of the pool and outriggers lowered over the empty pool. Then in order to bridge the gap from the floor of the pool to the outriggers, they have stacked pieces of timber on their ends. This has now produced one of the unsteadiest set up positions that we in Lift Hire Ireland has ever seen. The pick up truck is the only thing keeping the MEWP from toppling into the pool.

post pic

If the pick up truck is unhitched the chances of the MEWP staying upright are slim to none. If he does manage to get the MEWP level to allow use of the boom the block holding the rear outriggers will more than likely give way leading to serious incident and another statistic. This is clearly a job that was planned correctly and the wrong machine was chosen. The risks that some people take really does boggle the mind.