All you Need To Know about the Scissor Lift

Electric to desil, from 19 feet to 12 metres, here's everything you should think about when hiring out a scissor lift.

The uses of a Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are designed to complete a range of functions across multiple sectors. They are popular for domestic based clients as they are simple to use and there isn’t as much moving parts. Their compact frame means that a scissor lift is capable of getting through doors and tight laneways so that you can complete your works. 

Know your Scissor Lift Inside and Out

While many MEWPs are restricted to outside work due to their use of diesel and petrol, scissor lifts don’t have that problem. Many scissor lifts are electrical, meaning that they are perfectly safe to use indoors. This is great for electricians who need to get up to a height with ease and safely, or for anyone who needs to do maintenance work from inside a site.

Going Up, the Safe Way

Scissor lifts are far more cost effective than other lifts available to hire. You may be tempted to simply use a ladder to get up to the height you need, but it isn’t safer. Scissor lifts also allow for space to carry your tools to use at a height. This will then make your job easier and by extension quicker. 

The Right Scissors Lift for the Right Job

With a lift that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, scissor lifts are one of the most versatile lift available to you. A scissor lift can be big enough to get you to the top of high buildings, and small enough to get you through doors into the building. Electric scissor lifts also offer a quiet method for operating in sound sensitive environments such as office buildings, schools and more.

Lift Hire Ireland have a wide range of MEWPs, from scissor lifts to brontos and everything in between. We provide an excellent service at a nationwide scale. We handle method statements, site surveys, traffic management and offer training courses in how to use our lifts.

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