Best MEWP for Electricians

Best MEWP for Electricians

When working with lighting, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the job.

When working with lighting, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment for the job.

Genie GR20

Genie GR20s are one of the smaller powered MEWPs you’ll see, with a working height of 8 metres and working load of 159kg. These are great for electricians that are doing simple works. They are affordable and are electrical, so are capable of working from indoors. Their small frame ensures that they are more than capable of moving between even single doors.

Genie GS 1932

While it’s working height is at 7.9 metres, the Genie GS 1932 has the same nimbleness as the Genie GR20 as it can go through single doors with ease. The additional benefit is that where only one person can go on a Genie GR20, the Genie GS 1932 can allow two. This is great for works that require a much more hands on approach while still being price affordable.

Genie GS 3246

Moving up, we have the Genie GS 3246, with a working height of 12 metres. This scissors lift is designed for indoor works that require a lot of space to move around at fairly high heights.  Capable of brining up two people but with more space and a better working load for complicated jobs, this scissor lift is ideal for electricians who don’t want to waste time going up and down for the right tools.

Skyjack 8841

In the event that you need more than two in the lift, look no further. The Skyjack 8841 is capable of occupying five people in it’s basket and reaching up to 14 metres in height. Rough terrain won’t deter this MEWP either, as it is capable of adjusting it’s level, something which few scissor lifts can do. This is a heavy duty scissor lift perfect for outdoor works that require more than a few helping hands!

Lift Hire Ireland have a wide range of MEWPs, from scissor lifts to brontos and everything in between. We provide an excellent service at a nationwide scale. We handle method statements, site surveys, traffic management and offer training courses in how to use our lifts.

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