Cherry Picker: What do you need

There are a few things to look into before you choose what cherry picker you want to go with

Do I need a License?

You don’t necessarily need a license to operate a cherry picker. Of course there are van mount cherry pickers that you will need to have a driving license in order to drive it, but after that there’s nothing specific that you would need for private/domestic jobs. Regarding public and commercial works, you will need appropriate training to operate a cherry picker.

What kind of Training Needed?

As stated previously, on private or domestic jobs you won’t need any specific training to operate a cherry picker. But that changes once you are working on a public project that require cherry pickers. Training like IPAF, Working At Heights, Manual Handling and SafePass, just to name a few, are required when working on site that have cherry pickers on them.

What PPE/Equipment do I need?

Naturally, you have always have all the appropriate PEE equipped and on hand when working at any height while operating a cherry picker. For instance, you’ll need to have a hard hat, gloves, steel toe capped boots and a high vis vest/jacket. And that only covers the basics. There are plenty of sites that won’t let you on if you don’t have those and addtional PPE gear.

Should I Hire an Operator?

Some cherry pickers are quite simple to use. Others are not so much. Be sure that when you are choosing a cherry picker for a job that you consider hiring an operator if you feel unsure about the functionality of the cherry picker. While a scissor lift is simple enough to use, genies and cabstars may prove more difficult. Consult the hire operator of the company you are going with to consider what steps you should take.

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