Getting Christmas Lights Ready

Getting your town prepared and lit up for Christmas can be a challenge. Here's a few things to consider...

When to Start

The best time realistically is during the late evening. Traffic and pedestrians is going to be quite minimal which means less obstruction for the works to be carried out. The issue during this time is that there’s barely any light, so be sure to have light sources handy.

Equipment Needed!

So we have our time frame, now it’s a case of getting the lights up. Not an easy task as we need to get up high. Cherry pickers are your best bet. Ladders can be unsafe as you’ll probably need the use of two hands putting the lights up. Cherry pickers can be self drive and are incredibly easy to use!

Traffic Management

Even if it is during the night that the lights are going up, you’ll still need to make sure that whatever traffic is on the road is either diverted or funneled through the works carefully. It’s also to make sure that the pedestrians are guarded and able to make their way through the works with no injuries.

This seems like a lot!

It is! There is a lot of coordination required for this kind of work to run smoothly. Everyone needs to be familiar with what they’re doing. Thankfully for you, Lift Hire Ireland are able to handle it all! We have the cherry pickers and traffic management teams to complete these tasks without issue.

Lift Hire Ireland have a wide range of MEWPs, from scissor lifts to brontos and everything in between. We provide an excellent service at a nationwide scale. We handle method statements, site surveys, traffic management and offer training courses in how to use our lifts.

Equipment to Hire Out


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