What to look for when Hiring a Cherry Picker

There are a few things to look into before you choose what cherry picker you want to go with

Height Needed

First and foremost, you need to decide on what height your cherry picker needs to be. This may appear obvious, but it has happened that a cherry picker was hired out, arrived on site, only for the operators to find out that it won’t reach. This means that the cherry picker has to be transported out and swapped out with another, which only wastes time and money.

Access to Area

Like the height needed, you also need to ensure that the cherry picker can in fact access the area in which to work. While a lot of sites won’t have any issues for cherry pickers to get in, alleyways and buildings in a cluster may prove difficult. It is important to have measurements of the access if it is tight and the width of the cherry picker.


Sometimes it’s not the height of a cherry picker you’re concerned with but it’s reach. Many times the area that you need to work at is not accessible¬† simply because the cherry picker cannot reach it horizontally. Articulated cherry pickers are the best at this challenge due to how their boom is arranged. Consider picking them if the area of work is too far out.

Training Required

Some cherry pickers are quite simple to use. Others are not so straightforward. Be sure that when you are choosing a cherry picker for a job that you consider hiring an operator if you feel unsure about the functionality of the cherry picker. While a scissor lift is simple enough to use, genies and cabstars may prove more difficult. Consult the hire operator of the company you are going with to consider what steps you should take.

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