How to Operate a Scissor Lift

How to Operate a Scissor Lift

All operators should know to ensure that all operating instructions are adhered to for best safety practice.

All operators should know to ensure that all operating instructions are adhered to for best safety practice.

Make the Workplace Ready

When working in construction sites, you need to make sure that the area you’re working in is prepped. This involves marking the place off with yellow or red tape in the event it may need it. You can also put up cones and barriers and make it so that the area you are working in is closed off to the public.

Another thing to make sure of is that the ground itself is suitable to operate a scissor lift. Strong and stable ground is ideal, with no bumps or valleys.

Have an Overview of the Area

After preparing the workspace and making sure that it is safe for you, the workers and general public, you now should have a look at the area you’re working on. Make a checklist of any obstacles that would impede your work. This could be overhead power lines or electrical conductions.

You should also look to see if where you’re going up on the scissor lift isn’t going to collide with anything as your perspective may change once in the scissor lift.

Operating a Scissor Lift

The controls of a scissor lift can be found at the centre of the operator section. While on the ground you can bring the lift up and down. This is possible whilst in the basket, along with making the lift move forward and back. You also have controls that increase the speed of movement. High range is to be used when you have a clear path from one place to another. Low range is when you are moving in rough terrain.

Shutting Down a Scissor Lift

When all the work required of the scissor lift is completed you can begin slowly lowering the platform. When you come down a certain point the lift will make an automatic stop called a pinch alarm. This is to give you an opportunity to make sure no one has reached inside the scissor lift at the last minute. Release the control and look around the machine to make sure it is safe to continue. Once you are satisfied continue bringing down the lift.  Good practice is to clean up any debris in the lift.

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