The Advantages of GR20s

GR20s are a great MEWP for contractors who want to work on problems with general maintenance, construction and a whole lot more!

Indoor Use

GR20s are run on electricity. This means that they can run and operate inside with no issues of filling the air inside up with fuel exhaust. This makes the GR20 a great lift for those who need to get up at a height inside. It also makes them cost efficient and easy to charge over diesel based MEWPs. Just make sure you’re wearing your safety equipment, after all you’re still working at heights!

Small and Compact

Another great advantage of the GR20 is its’ size. A lot of MEWPs, even indoor accessible ones, have trouble navigating around awkward corners and doorways. The GR20 is one of the few that doesn’t have this issue! These machines have a zero inside turning radius. What this means is that it’s ideal for tight clearances and small spaces. 

Easy to Use

If you’re not used to using MEWPs, or haven’t operated one in some time, the GR20 has you covered. All that would be required is your safety equipment and a quick refresher course and you’ll be operating our GR20s in no time flat! There’s a reason why they’re a favorite of mechanics and construction workers, no one wants to waste time learning how to use the machine on the job!

Lift Hire Ireland have a wide range of MEWPs, from scissor lifts to brontos and everything in between. We provide an excellent service at a nationwide scale. We handle method statements, site surveys, traffic management and offer training courses in how to use our lifts.

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